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Welcome to the Learning Center.

        Please click on the following links to get more information.

       In Kids Corner, we have included several links to help kids in Islamic studies as well as in preparation of their school exams like SAT, CAT, NJASK, etc. You can also check the rating of public schools.

                 Kids Corner

     In Ibadah 101, a lot of information about basic teachings and understanding of Islamic practices is included. This covers topics like ablution, prayer, fasting, etc.

                 Ibadah 101

     Quran and Arabic  section has online courses for Quran and Arabic language.

            Quran and Arabic

    Technology section provides several learning areas like Oracle, Cisco, Microsoct, Web and other technologies


   Presentation section has a collction of useful presentations.    



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JOB OPENINGS (Voluntary)

IIS Saturday School is looking
following qualified individuals:

1. Principal
2. Asst. Principal 
3. School Administrator
4. Asst. Administrator
5. School Advisory Board chairman
6. Curriculum Advisor

Required Qualifications:
Prior teaching experience must
Prior administration experience must
Managerial experience optional

If you are interested in this noble
cause, please contact Dr. Shafiq directly
732-666-4150 or 
by Aug 8, 2013.

Our mosques are missing the point

The room was silent as the scholar spoke to an attentive crowd. People had traveled from far distances to give their ears to a beautiful sermon about to read more

IIS Young Muslims - IyM

Youth Chapter at IIS
Please join.

The Prophet stated: “Every Muslim should give charity.” He was asked, “What if one cannot?” He replied, “Then he should go find work and help himself and others.” He was asked, “What if one cannot?” The Prophet replied,“Then he should help someone in need.” He was asked, “What if one cannot?” He replied, “Then he should command what is right or good.” The Prophet was asked, “What if one cannot?”He replied, “Then at least he should refrain from evil, and that would be charity for him” (Bukhari, Muslim).



      Saturday School
      Youth Activities
      Social Activities
      Weekend Halaqa
        (Study Circle)

Daily Prayers/Iqamah Timings

   Fajr           5:45 AM
   Zuhar       1:00 PM
   'Asr           3:00 PM
   Maghrib   At Sunset
   'Isha         9:00 PM


  Friday Prayer - 1
    Athan and Khutba - 1:05 PM
    Jama'at (Salah)     - 1:30 PM
    End of Salah           - 1:40 PM

  Friday Prayer - 2
    Athan and Khutba - 1:55 PM
    Jama'at (Salah)     - 2:20 PM
    End of Salah           - 2:30 PM


   Khutbah Guidelines




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