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    This page lists all of the previous announcements made for IIS center. It gives the history and details of the center's activities. Latest announcements always posted first on the front page, and then moved here.

IIS Blood Donation Drive
Friday Dec. 20th, 1pm - 4 pm
Clicke here for more info

IIS Fund Raising Event
on Dec. 14th at 6:30 pm.
Chief Guest: Junaid Jamshed
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Ticket: $100
VIP Ticket: $500

Salatul-Eid Info:
Date: Tuesday October 15, 2013
9:00 AM sharp - (only one salah)
Location: West Windsor Community Park (Bernt Midland Blvd)
193 Princeton Hightstown Road (Route 571), West Windsor NJ 08550

Rain Date:
In case of rain, inshaAllah we will pray at IIS center instead of Park at 7:30 AM.

Dars for Sisters
Please join us on Monday, Oct 7th at 11 am. Details.

Eid-ul-Adha Program
Eid is expected to be on Tuesday, Oct 15th.
Eid Prayer will be held in a nearby Park. Details will be announced soon.
Book your Qurbani at IIS. Contact Br. Aijaz or main office.
BBQ Program at IIS on following Sunday, Oct. 20th.

Eid Mubarak
InshaAllah Eidul-Fitr will be on Thursday August 8th. Salah at IIS
1st Salah at 7:30 AM
Khateeb: Dr. Manzoor Hussain

2nd Salah at 9:30 AM
Khateeb: Br. Mukhtar Mazen
For first Salah, please park at IIS and please leave after Salah ASAP as it is a work day.
For second Salah, try to enter after 9 am and drop your family off and then go to Windsor Corporate Park, 50 Millstone Rd, Cranbury, NJ 08512
Shuttle to IIS from parking lot will be provided.


RAMADAN - 1434/2013

 Welcome Ramadan

Lailatul-Qadr Program  - night of 27th inshaAllah

8:00 pm    Iftar/Dinner hosted by youth group
9:45 pm    Taraweeh Prayer
11:45 pm  Sh Yahya Rhodus
01:00 am  Moulana Yusuf Islahi
03:30 am  Suhoor
04:45 am  Fajr Salah
05:15 am  Individual 'Ibadah

All tickets are sold out for fundraiser. Community is still encouraged to participate by giving donations for the YOUTH CENTER 

April 27th, 2013, 6 PM
390 Forsgate Dr, Monroe NJ 08831

Flyer-1    Flyer-2

IIS has planned New Year's eve special programs

for our Youth, Sisters and Brothers from'Isha till midnight, inshaAllah.
Youth group will organize programs like Quiz, Games and other Fun program
for all ages inshAllah.
IIS has also invited Br. Mazen Mukhtar and Br. Sohaib Sultan to come to
this special program inshaAllah.
There will be a special Du'a for our community, our country, our new
mosques, and for our Ummah.
Please make all efforts to attend and spread the word to you friends and

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JOB OPENINGS (Voluntary)

IIS Saturday School is looking
following qualified individuals:

1. Principal
2. Asst. Principal 
3. School Administrator
4. Asst. Administrator
5. School Advisory Board chairman
6. Curriculum Advisor

Required Qualifications:
Prior teaching experience must
Prior administration experience must
Managerial experience optional

If you are interested in this noble
cause, please contact Dr. Shafiq directly
732-666-4150 or 
by Aug 8, 2013.

Our mosques are missing the point

The room was silent as the scholar spoke to an attentive crowd. People had traveled from far distances to give their ears to a beautiful sermon about to read more

IIS Young Muslims - IyM

Youth Chapter at IIS
Please join.

The Prophet stated: “Every Muslim should give charity.” He was asked, “What if one cannot?” He replied, “Then he should go find work and help himself and others.” He was asked, “What if one cannot?” The Prophet replied,“Then he should help someone in need.” He was asked, “What if one cannot?” He replied, “Then he should command what is right or good.” The Prophet was asked, “What if one cannot?”He replied, “Then at least he should refrain from evil, and that would be charity for him” (Bukhari, Muslim).



      Saturday School
      Youth Activities
      Social Activities
      Weekend Halaqa
        (Study Circle)

Daily Prayers/Iqamah Timings

   Fajr           5:45 AM
   Zuhar       1:00 PM
   'Asr           3:00 PM
   Maghrib   At Sunset
   'Isha         9:00 PM


  Friday Prayer - 1
    Athan and Khutba - 1:05 PM
    Jama'at (Salah)     - 1:30 PM
    End of Salah           - 1:40 PM

  Friday Prayer - 2
    Athan and Khutba - 1:55 PM
    Jama'at (Salah)     - 2:20 PM
    End of Salah           - 2:30 PM


   Khutbah Guidelines




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